Here’s How You Can Support the Black Community and their Businesses Right Now

Here’s How You Can Support the Black Community and their Businesses Right Now

By Lily Cassida

Protests over racially charged police brutality, sparking from the unjust death of George Floyd, take place over the entire world as the coronavirus wages on. Local businesses have suffered from the start of the pandemic as the virus forced the closing of their doors, but their luck continues to worsen. Looting and riots during protests have negatively impacted small businesses, especially those who belong to people of color.

Apps such as EatOkra and The Black Wallet act as directories to black owned businesses and have seen huge spikes in usage since the beginning of protesting. Statistics show that black businesses have a more difficult time keeping themselves from going under during the pandemic (JP Morgan Chase). With a new boost of support, many of these businesses still have a chance to survive while the world slowly starts to bounce back.

Black-owned online businesses can also use support as well. Many virtual beauty and clothing stores owned by people of color often have their designs and ideas stolen by larger companies. It is vital that they are shown support in order to grow and make their mark in their own designated industries.

There are countless other ways you can support the black community, which includes educating yourself. A majority of us have gone to school where we learn a whitewashed version of the past, but many resources are available that aren’t so biased elsewhere. Documentaries such as Ava Duvernay’s “13th” and films like Spike Lee’s “Malcolm X” and “Blackkklansman” (a solid Adam Driver film and one of my favorites) offer information and real life stories of racial injustice that didn’t happen that long ago. The Netflix original limited series “When They See Us” shares the completely true story about the Central Park Five from their arrest to their exoneration and settlement.

Many organizations are in need of donations right now including Reclaim The Block, Black Visions Collective, National Bail Fund Network, and The Innocence Project. Make sure to look into specific organizations in your area that may need help as well. There are even videos on YouTube you can stream that will donate the money gained from advertisements to various organizations fighting for justice.

People of color and allies need to work together and support one another right now. There are so many ways that we can all work to help black communities locally and around the world whether it involves protesting or simply supporting businesses in need.

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