How to Defeat Boredom this Quarantine

Written by Lei Jo Presaldo

This quarantine, we have no choice but to stay in our respective homes to ensure our own safety. Because of this, we have so much time on our hands. One common problem faced by teens is how to defeat boredom and laziness. Do you have the same problem too? Don’t worry! Here are 10 ideas that might help you defeat your boredom.

1. Take Online Classes

As schools and institutions close, the demand for virtual learning has increased. Websites like edX, Coursera, and Khan Academy offer learning materials and courses for free. Remember, scientia potentia est (Knowledge is power!).

2. Learn How to Journal

Journaling can be a great hobby to relieve one’s mind while showing their sense of creativity. Write down your thoughts; add some doodles. Make a spread for your favorite character or a spread to document your day. Design your spread aligning to your personal preference and style!

Need some inspiration? Check out spreads from Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram.

3. Find that Perfect Novel

Now that most classes are canceled, we have the time to do some recreational reading! Not a reader? It doesn’t hurt to try it out. You’ll never know, a single book can change your life. I'm currently reading “Mission: Success!” by Og Mandino while rereading my favorite books by Dan Brown.

4. Organize like Marie Kondo

Never had the time to properly organize your room? Now you have the time! A good room will increase your productivity and efficiency. Try out some tips by Marie Kondo herself. “From the moment you start tidying, you will be compelled to reset your life.” - Marie Kondo

5. Get that 10+ Hours of Sleep

Let’s not lie, school got us sleep deprived. Take time to fix your sleep schedule. Reclaim all the hours you could’ve spent sleeping but you had to do schoolwork instead. Our body repairs itself as we sleep. It involves cell repair which is important, especially for us teenagers that are undergoing growth. Sleep deprivation interferes with our brain’s function. Getting enough hours of sleep helps one’s focus, concentration, and productivity.

6. Learn a Language

If you’re the type of person who likes to challenge yourself, learning a language is a must try! Or, do you want to watch shows that aren’t in your mother language without subtitles? Learn a language. It makes you look and feel smarter too! Who doesn’t want to be a polyglot anyway?

7. Try Recipes

Have you seen those easy recipe videos on the internet? Souffle pancakes, egg sandwich, Dalgona coffee. Try them out! It can also be a perfect activity to bond with a loved one.

8. Create Spotify Playlists

Creating Spotify playlists is a very fun pastime. Make playlists for each of your moods. Make one when doing a specific task as well! An idea is to make a playlist of classical songs to play when you’re reading novels. Or, make a playlist of your current favorites to play while cleaning or gaming. This hobby is definitely a good one since you can curate it to your own personal preference.

9. Gardening

Since we’re stuck in our homes, raising plants is a relaxing hobby. Taking care of a plant is like taking care of your own child. It requires patience, effort, consistency and dedication. For first-timers, raising succulents is a good start. You can even grow bulbs by using spare ones from your kitchen.

10. Meditate and Reflect

Do not forget to utilize some time for yourself. In this crisis, it is best to take care as well of our mental health. It’s a difficult time we’re going through, let’s ensure that we are not only physically prepared but also mentally prepared. Like they say, this too shall pass. Have faith.

During these times, it is important to spend our time wisely. This is an opportunity to be able to do the things you didn’t have the time for before. However, keep in mind that we should put ourselves over anything during these times. Productivity can be spending time for yourself, not always reading or revising. Don’t push yourself to do things just to

attain the feeling of being productive. Do the things that put you into ease. Stay safe everyone!

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