Interview with Photographer, Garrett Dunn

This is Garrett Dunn he is a photographer born in Texas but has lived 6 other states in the US, currently living in California he is 15 years old and loves to share his view on the world with Photography. His main goal is to make other happy and smile, he loves to make new friends!

What is your name, age, interests and a fun fact about yourself?

Hey, I’m Garrett, a 15 year old photographer from all different states in the US. I love many different forms of art such as graphic design, photography, music and painting. A fun fact about me is that I have a large family: 5 brothers and 2 sisters; it's kinda crazy in our house because of that!

Nice to meet you! When did you get your start in photography and your other creative interests?

Well, when I was younger I always wanted one of those nice expensive cameras (DSLRs). My parents would always buy me small point and shoot cameras that I would take photos with. So I have always loved taking pictures. I’m happy I can do it as a side job and everyday thing now. I used to paint a lot because my mom loved to, so I started as well. I’ve loved music so much since I was a kid that I got into a band in middle school and played the saxophone. I would definitely say that I get all of the creativity from my parents, because my mom loves to make things and my dad likes to build cars and other vehicles.

What do you love about creating?

Just the feeling it gives me. I love to see the world in perspectives that others don't normally think to see. Looking through the viewfinder of the camera just makes me feel so happy. I also love my work because it helps me see many more places that others don't get to.

Would you say you have a certain style when it comes to your photography?

I get that question a lot. I have learned that many grow a style over time and for me I've always felt that I would never find mine. Now that I've been doing it for some time, I think that my style is just all styles in one, because I love to do all different types. Many photographers have different styles that are just all the same color grade or same color filter. I haven't found a certain one yet, but if I have to say it'll be everything and lots of color.

Do you have a process or routine when it comes to your shoots and ideas?

Well, mainly before any shoot I listen to some music and get a feel for what it's giving me. Then I think about what color the subjects are going to be wearing, so I can find the perfect spot for their shoot. I also think about the amount of people that are in the shoot, so that I can come up with cool things for their poses in the shoot.

What equipment do you like to use for your shoots?

Currently I use a Canon T7 and I love using a 18-55mm lens. I also use a Nikon D3000, sometimes with a 70-200mm lens. Soon I hope to get a newer Canon or a newer Sony for my shoots.

Is photography something you learn by yourself or from others? What do you think, and what was your learning experience when you first started off?

I mainly learned everything on my own because I didn't think there were many photographers on social media in the beginning. But later on, I found a lot of popular ones and learned things I knew nothing about. Starting off at first was pretty difficult, but now that I know more, I’m happy to talk to anyone who needs help starting.

Great! That goes right into my next question: What do you wish you knew about photography before you got into it?

I wish I knew about the settings on cameras and what the ‘M’ meant. I would always set the camera on ‘M’ and not understand why the photo wouldn't come out good. Later on, I learned it meant Manual and I learned how to fix the photo by changing the settings. I also wish I knew how many people are famous for photography and that I could learn from them, because I took a lot of time learning on my own!

Any pointers on how to share your work with your community and get noticed?

For me, posting constantly is a good method. Another is using photography/art related hashtags and showing more people your work. Another way with the hashtags is looking through what others post on them and let them know how much you like their posts.

How do you envision your future in the coming years? Any goals and plans for you and your work?

For me, I envision that I will have a bigger base of people that know my work. I have set goals for my account and some include getting 1000 followers by the end of 2020 (just passed 800!), seeing growth in my photos and getting more people to see my photos! I also hope that I'll be making more money working with families.

Congrats! Lastly, any general advice for teens about life?

Well, especially in a time like right now, we have to learn how to be respectful of others' opinions. But also, just enjoy everything. Everything in life is a lesson learned. For me 2020 has probably been one of my best years because it has been full of new life lessons to learn. But also just love and do what makes you happy, because if you are doing something that's not making you happy, it's not good.

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