May Fashion Roundup by Jacqueline Tran

May 2020 Fashion Roundup by Jacqueline Tran

Platforms such as Tik Tok, Instagram, VSCO and YouTube let big influencers share their style with others. That turns into hundreds to thousands of people being inspired by their looks and trying it out on themselves. Soon, Instagram posts are being shared and copied because viewers like the look and want to try it themselves. Social media is the starter of trends extremely often. Some trends last long and some don’t. Some get repetitive and some keep evolving. That’s the glory of a trend, it all depends on the people following it and deciding what to do with it. But the best thing about it is that there isn’t only one trend. There are countless trends going on and there are countless to choose from.

As of May 2020, trends that are going on range from skaters to indie to Brandy, attracting all different types of people. Tik Tok has become the main platform to share these trends. Viewers like certain videos and then base their own creations off of the last, meaning the trends are going to stay pretty similar for that viewer. If that viewer enjoys a certain aesthetic or style, they're going to watch more of it to see how they could replicate the look. This is where personality meets trends. Your style could say so much about you! Right now, the most popular trends are:

Brandy Melville! Influencer, Emma Chamberlain, spread the style in her YouTube videos. She wears wide ankle pants, button up shirts and checkered pants. Brandy Melville has a laid back coastal style that is simplistic and filled with pastel or light colors. They use simple patterns in their clothing and pair it up with minimalistic accessories. Brandy Melvillie is a store that is very popular right now. Specifically known for their style, tight plaid skirts and white button ups, it’s all over social media. Other influencers such as Charli D’amelio and Haley Pham have also worn the Brandy style in their content. For a very trendy brandy look, these items are typically worn and found at Brandy Melville:

- For a casual day, pair up a blue chevron button up with some mom jeans! Make

sure to cuff up the bottoms and put on some Air Force 1’s. Add a cute necklace and a bucket hat and you’re ready to go! This outfit is super known on Tik Tok, don’t be surprised seeing someone else on the street with the same outfit!

- For a date or going out, putting on a flowy skirt and a fitted crop top would look

super cute! Pull that outfit together with some low heels and you’ll be all set!

- We all have those lazy days where you want to look cute but don’t want to put on

a pair of jeans or leggings. For an option, grab a pair of sweatpants and a cropped tank top, roll up the bottom cuffs and some sneakers and you’re cute and comfy!

Indie or soft girls typically are more gentle and soft spoken, they put off a low vibe through their warm toned clothes. These people usually use vintage patterns and clothing to accent their outfits. Their style typically isn’t too flashy or revealing, it’s more baggy and comfortable. Indie people are usually stereotyped as people who are artsy or don’t go along with the crowd. They’re usually comfortable alone and have a few close friends. To get that Indie look, here are some popular options:

- For a casual day, take a pair of mom jeans or shorts, cuff the ends and match it

with a belt and a large sweatshirt. It could also be paired with a t-shirt and zip up hoodie if you want to go even more casual. Add a pair of converse or Doc Martens and you’ll be radiating soft energy. - If you’re going out with friends, grab a flowy skirt and a cropped t-shirt, you can

layer over that with a cardigan.

- For a laid back day, take your favorite pair of black leggings and pair it with a

comfy sweatshirt. If it’s cold, add a flannel. Accessorize with some Doc Martens and sunglasses to give off a chilled vibe.

The skater style has been trending on Tiktok more recently. The ideal style for skaters and grunge is to wear something comfortable enough to well... skate in! They are laid back with their style and relaxed, but it pays off well and looks very fashionable! Their style sets off a chill and cool vibe. Not all people who wear this style actually skate, so that is then called grunge. This style is usually worn with dark colors, baggy clothing, and fun accessories. To set off this cool vibe, here are some outfit options:

- For a day of just going in town, get your black jeans, a baggy t-shirt, and a jean

jacket. Tuck your shirt into the jeans and wear the jacket or hang it around your waist. If your jeans have rips in them, wear a pair of fishnets under to add more flare!

- For a day you want to look extra cute, take a bodycon dress and match it with a

jacket and some pumps. If you want something a little more flashy, add a necklace or some fishnet stockings.

- Chill days are easy for grunge. Put on a pair of sweatpants and sweatshirt and

some nice sneakers!

Out of the many trends going on, these are only three. Everyone has their own style but some are connected with these. In this generation, it’s normal to dress differently for your personality. A couple decades ago, there was typically only one big trend being followed. Now, it’s nice to know that there are so many different styles to choose from. This does not mean everyone needs to follow one, the point of a trend is for one person to influence others. This can’t happen if everyone’s the same. So having your own style is key to trends. Be yourself and wear whatever feels right on you! Some people might be inspired by you or others. Maybe there will be a trend that started with you.

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