Release of CTJ Issue #1! (previous announcement)

Release of CTJ Issue #1! 6/21/2019 We have just released the first issue of the Cliché Teen Journal! View it on our archive page or here: https://tinyurl.com/Issue1CTJ It features work for teen artist and authors along with a couple of words from the teens we have interviewed.  The following are contributors to the first issue: Jaylen McSellers, Shawnas Luebbert, Cymone V M, Ella Torfin, Autumn Rae, Cooper Geere, Katherine Wong, Tristen Jovellanos, Jenna Lehman, Madeline Holloway, Carl Chen, Jacqueline Proshan , Jesse Valerio, Colette Karounis, Ange Lamoureux, Stella Prince, Leonardo Dafonseca, Spike Carr, Nicole Meacham, Laine Misaka, Amy Richburg, Amy Wang, Kari Lien, Haylee Martinez, Annalis Molina, Nikki Nelson, Alyzza Cipriaso, Emily Melendez, Terreni Lewis, along with all the teens we have interviewed up to this point.  Please check out the first issue and send the link to your friends and family! Thanks, ​The CTJ Team

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