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Top 10 Netflix Shows to Binge During Quarantine

Top 10 Netflix Shows to Binge During Quarantine!

Review by: Miah Morales

The current situation in the world can cause everyone to be filled with anxiety and stress. Luckily, quarantine has given many people the opportunity to find different ways to cope with the new way of life. An easy pastime, whether you are a person with too much or very little time, is Netflix. Old and new shows both offer us seasons upon seasons to binge watch. So let us explore our options, while remaining safe in our homes.

1.) Charmed (8 seasons) - Horror

An oldie but a goodie. A trio of sisters discover they have supernatural powers which leads them to a life of battling evil and drama.

Although the show seems to be basic, this show provides a plot that is original and it keeps you captivated for all of the 8 seasons. Along with 8 seasons, each episode is about 40 minutes long, so you’ll be kept busy with this one for awhile. This show appeals to all ages and genders-- all of the more reason to give it a shot!

2.) Community (6 seasons) - Comedy

A lawyer with a phoney degree gets caught red-handed and decides to start fresh at a community college. There, he joins a group of 6 other students and they conquer the satirical ways of Greendale Community College.

Community is unlike any other comedy TV show someone will watch. This show incorporates so many elements of satire that every episode seems to be its own subgroup of comedy. Community combines realistic elements with unrealistic situations and applies them to the lives of these college students, making everyday seem like a different adventure.

3.) Mr. Iglesias (1 season) - Comedy

Comedic Mr. Iglesias starts teaching a new class full of students who have great academic abilities, but do not apply themselves. Mr. Iglesias uses his amusing personality to help the kids learn in fun ways.

Mr. Iglesias is played by the comedian Gabriel Iglesias.Gabriel Iglesias is a very kind-hearted man, and it shows on the TV show; Mr. Iglesias is funny, yet wholesome. This is a show where things feel like they always go right... and it kind of also makes you wish you had a teacher like Mr. Iglesias. Although, the only downside to the show is that it currently only has 1 season.

4.) The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. (3 seasons) - Anime

An anime about a psychic high schooler who spends his days trying to make sure he doesn’t reveal to the other students that he has these abilities. Although having these abilities seems as if it would make one’s life easier, they tend to make his life more difficult.

The show is originally voiced in Japanese, but there are options in Netflix to change the language to English. No matter the language, this show is very humorous and creates a plot in which anyone could get lost in enjoying. If you also have never watched an anime, this is a great one to give a look at.

5.) The Good Place (4 seasons) - Sitcom

A woman named Eleanor dies and finds herself in an afterlife full of what seems to be endless paradise. She later discovers that she does not belong in this paradise and seeks help from others.

This show honestly threw me for a loop, I had no idea where it was going to end up; that is what makes The Good Place so intriguing. It seems many are interested in what the afterlife may look like, and this show gives us a new view on what that could look like, without any insinuation of religion-- making it open for anyone to watch.

6.) Atypical (3 seasons) - Coming-of-Age

A high school teen on the autism spectrum decides he wants to have a girlfriend and finds that he needs to be more independent. Along the way, his family realizes that they need to change their views on what being “regular” means, which sends them on a journey of self identity. This coming-of-age series is very real when it comes to portraying how a family copes with judgemental society and their own faults. While watching, everyone can relate to each of the characters, and feel as if they are growing with them.

7.) Never Have I Ever (1 season) - Comedy-Drama

High school sophomore Devi decides that this school year she wants to ditch her old image and try to become cool. Throughout her journey she struggles to let go of her past trauma. This show represents not only feelings that teenagers experience when growing up. It also raises awareness of teenagers of color, and those who have suffered severe trauma. The show can definitely give you second-hand embarrassment, but that’s what makes it more likeable.

8.) Criminal Minds (12 seasons) - Crime Drama

A classic. A brilliant team of FBI agents work together to get in the heads of criminals to prevent them from committing their next crime.

No matter the person, it seems that this show can make anyone addicted. Although Criminal Minds does not give us real crimes that have happened, the show is very realistic in what happens in the daily life of people who fight crime. Each scenario is intricate, and always unique. Criminal Minds will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat, and wanting more.

9.) Jane the Virgin (5 seasons) - Drama

Jane wants to remain sexaully absinent until marriage, but after an accidental insemination at the doctor she ends up pregnant. Jane’s life then changes, and her future seems as if it is uncertain, and she has to rethink a new plan.

This show is based on a woman of color, and incorporates Jane’s love of telenovelas. Jane the Virgin is definitely a show that has made me laugh, cry, and love. Any person that watches this show will get sucked into the life of Jane, and learn to love each of the characters and their roles in her life.

10.) Santa Clarita Diet (3 seasons) - Comedy-Horror

Married realtors live an ordinary life with their daughter in the suburbs. The family’s world changes when wife Sheila goes through a dramatic lifestyle change. Everyone feels as if this change is for the worst, but Sheila loves the new Her.

Santa Clarita Diet provides a new and refreshing twist on horror in everyday life. This show is hilarious, yet gruesome. So sad Netflix decided to cancel it, but it is still definitely a show someone wouldn’t want to miss.

This list is meant to provide you with shows that are most likely unwatched by the majority. A variety of genres was included to make sure that each person can find multiple and unique shows that haven’t been overhyped and watched a million times. Each show is a personal favorite of mine that I felt many other people would be able to enjoy. Hopefully each show is also fresh and individual in your eyes, giving you a new Netflix experience you never knew was there.

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