Interview with Lily D Moore, Teen Actress from the Netflix Show "Never Have I Ever" !

Lily D Moore is an American actress who is best known for her recurring role as Rebecca in  "Never Have I Ever". She is also an advocate and ambassador for not only the Down Syndrome community, but for all disabled people. She believes that everyone is , Unique, Beautiful, and Brave"! 

Interview by Daania Sharifi

Please introduce yourself to the readers.

Hi, I’m Lily. I am 17 years old and just finished my sophomore year or 2nd year in high school. I love to cook, horseback ride, swim, cheerlead, listen to music.

When did you first get into acting? What’s your favorite part about it?

I used to live in Austria and took a drama class in school and loved it. When we moved back to the USA, my mom signed me up for theater classes and I loved it. I love to play different characters and meeting new people.

What roles have you played? And which were your favorite and why?

I have played a mutant, a little sister, a passenger in a car. My favorite was playing Rebecca in “Never Have I Ever”. I loved playing her because she is sassy and speaks her mind!

You recently landed the role “Rebecca” in the Netflix show, “Never have I ever” Talk to us about how you happened to land the role?

My agent submitted me for the role. I got an audition. I learned my lines and my mom taped the audition. We sent it to my agent and she sent it to the casting director. And, I got hired….I guess they liked me! I then flew out to LA three times to film!

What was your initial reaction to getting the role?

I cried! I was so happy.

Speaking of your role as Rebecca, what did you learn from her and what did you learn about yourself from her character?

Well, I would say I am very much like Rebecca. Sassy, confident, speak my mind, and smart! I do wish I had a brother! It would be fun to mess with one.

You got to rehearse with the cast and crew for a long while, what sort of experience was that for you? New friendships? New experiences?

I loved rehearsing with them, they taught me to be myself. And, not be nervous. And, to have fun! I was only with them for about 3 weeks.

Do you hope to pursue acting as a career? Are you hoping to go to college or straight into the field?

Yes, my dream is to be the first Down Syndrome Actor to win an OSCAR! I also want to go to college.

If you are comfortable, would you open up to us about Down Syndrome? What is the most difficult part about having it? How have you had to adapt to social situations, etc? Do you hope to empower others with your story?

The most difficult thing is getting rejected. I don’t get invited to parties, to people’s houses, or ask to do things outside of school. Also, get rejected in acting. I really want to be on Disney!

You are also a model & Youtuber? What sort of stuff have you done in that division?

I have modeled for TJ Maxx, Insurance Companies, Goodwill, Radical beauty project, local stuff, and for some fantastic photographers. I love doing You Tube videos because people can get to know me. I love Challenge videos

What other fun passions do you have?

Helping the homeless. I started a ministry called “H.E.L.P.”...Helping Everyone with Love and Passion. I put food and toiletries into bags and give them out. I have done this for over 4 years. I have given out over 1000 bags.

How have you been coping with this pandemic? What have you done past time?

School, playing Wii, going on walks, doing Tik Toc, horseback riding, swim, play games, go for car rides, cooking, crafts, and lots of other stuff.

Where do you see yourself in five years? What is the big dream? How have you been working towards this dream?

Winning that OSCAR! And living by myself.

What/who inspires you?

My grandmommy…..she always wanted me to pursue acting.

Do you have any advice you would like to give to teens who may be trying to pursue the same path?

Go for it! It is hard work, but push through and do it.

What advice do you have for teens in general?

Everybody has an Inner Star….find what yours is and follow your dream!

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