Interview with Zach Jones, Tik Toker & Aspiring Designer

Bio: hi. My name is Zach. Zach lives in Houston, Texas and is really just vibing. Zach has probably the biggest music collection ever seen and loves artistry (fashion design in particular). Zach is annoyingly charismatic and funny. His main hobby is hanging with friends and making memories. He strives to go for exactly what he wants 110% of the time. He’s unapologetically him and never settles ;)

Interview by Aleena Kumandan

So introduce yourself.

I’m Zachary but everyone calls me Zach. I’m from Houston, Texas and I’m 17 ;).

What do you do for fun?

for fun I draw, paint and design clothes and if I’m not doing one of those things I’m normally out with my friends.

That’s cool, how did you get into design?

well not to brag but I have immaculate taste. And I’ve always wanted to display that with my appearance. I did some research, watched a couple shows and now I design.

Does your interest in design ever cross over onto your Tiktok?

As of right now not really. My tiktok is more of just those dumb thoughts that pop into my head and a fun outlet. But I am going to try to incorporate my fashion sense into future tik tok content.

Do you have any plans to start a brand or start selling clothes? Do you use Depop or other reselling apps?

I do have major plans of creating my own fashion house sometime coming soon. I do use Depop but just to buy pieces. Mostly I thrift in my hometown.

How far along are you in this process?

I’ve done maybe 20 or 30 complete looks though my first drop is going to be a bit more simple, maybe a jacket or a shirt. I have a web design team. Other than that I’m in the initial stages.

Do you have a name for your brand/website yet?

yes I’ve decided on the name ROTWILER.

That’s a great name! Have you started an Instagram page for your brand?

I do have an Instagram. Though it’s empty and dormant as I’m putting together a feed plan and a sort of aesthetic to follow.

What do you love about designing? Would you say it’s your passion?

I love the endless possibilities of the colors mainly. Even though my favorite color is black. I would say it’s part of my passion. My forever dream is just to be a creator and create homes, cars, restaurants, clubs, etc. Just interesting places and destinations.

Have you ever considered using YouTube to help you along that process?

omg YES. Now more than ever I really want to start but I’m looking for a good camera.

How would you say that quarantine/Covid pandemic has affected your plans for the coming year/years?

I wouldn’t really say it affected me negatively. This quarantine has really been great for me as I’ve been able to reflect on myself and what I really want in life and my next steps. I’m thankful for this quarantine because now I feel like I’m on a mission and I finally have some breathing time to get it done.

Who would you name as your biggest inspirations?

My biggest idol would be the 2014 to 2016 Miley Cyrus where she was kind of crazy and outlandish. She had no filter and did not ask for permission or forgiveness. She did what she wanted and she lived her life. Second to that though would be Kanye with all his controversy he is still an artist and a creator at heart.

Are there any brands or designers you would say were big influences on your designs?

My biggest influence fashion wise would have to be Balenciaga. I love how minimal it is and how bold the clothes are.

Are there any brands that you’re really into right now?

Right now vetements is killing it in my opinion, Eytys (pronounces 80’s) as well and I am obsessed with BALENCIAGA they have a special place in my heart.

Have you always been into fashion/design?

At first no my first love will always be cars I was obsessed with designing cars but then I kind of grew from that and I got into clothes.

Are there any similarities between designing clothes and cars?

Not as many. If I had to pick one it would be the body/silhouette and the curvature of a car or a piece of clothing.

That’s really interesting, what do you think makes a good design? How would you define good design?

well to me what makes a good design it’s pretty much up in the air. But I think the one criteria that must be met is the designer or artist must have a clear vision of what that design looks like. For me a good design is one that is simple in nature but holds a lot of complexity and ambiguity.

How do you feel about monochrome outfits? Would you say that’s something that holds complexity and ambiguity?

I like monogram fits but in very monotone colors the vibrant like pinks and yellows and monochrome to me would be an eyesore but black gray and maybe like a light mint color I think those are beautiful.

Do you have any style advice for people?

Stand out that’s all I have to say just stand out.

Do you have any advice for teens looking to get into design?

My advice is if you don’t think your designs are good enough or there isn’t space for you in the fashion industry you are painfully mistaken. There are a lot of high ups in fashion that you can tell are tired and burned out. So my advice to you is to stick with it and keep trying, you never know what can catch fire.

That’s great advice! Any final thoughts?

My final thought and my personal mantra is to never settle.Go for exactly what you want in life 100% of the time.

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